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Our country Iran, with an area of 1.64 million km2 is located in the Middle East, with 33% of land cultivable  that  includes 14 million km2 pastures, 60 million km2 steppes and 16 million km2 deserts. Iran is vast in geographical length and has 11 out of 13 existing climates of the world. Thanks to this climate variety, Iran is a proper region for medicinal plants cultivation and production with considerable amount of secondary metabolites which makes them valuable and profitable in industry.

Metabolite synthesis in plants is affected by factors such as light quality and intensity, temperature, humidi...

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Our Company

ELEMAN PARS ABNOOS (Pvt.) as one of the professional companies in commercial trading is located in the capital of Iran and has started its special activities in export of Iran' s medicinal plants and their derivatives to all over the world. By having our commercial farmers in the mountainous areas, plains and forests in Iran, we provide a vast variety of medicinal plants for the food, health care, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and aromatic industries.

By reliance on the rich and particular germplasm of plants in Iran, beside the experience of our professional team in the field of agriculture and phytoc...

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Our Vision

Establishment of the agency in more than 20 countries.

Create an organization to coordinate between landlords, farmers and our company, to determine the product types to cultivate which is match the region and the...

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Our Mission

With the help of the latest international marketing strategies, we are determined to provide best qualified Iranian manufacturers with the opportunity to gain a foothold in the international market by using our services. We also create the chance for all suppl...

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Our Values

For us gaining the customers trust and strengthening the partnership with them are two pivotal points. Thus, our organizational culture is formed on customer satisfaction culture is formed on customer satisfaction, honesty, creativity, ambitiousness and team...

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Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants with the best quality and purity from the rich nature of Iran, suitable for beverage and food industry also essential oil and extract industry. Dried, sorted and packed with the best techniques.

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Essential oils and extracts

Pure and qualified essential oils with high amount of effective ingredients and active substances. All type of essential oils and extracts are available in desired forms.

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Rare and unique gums obtained from endemic plants of Iran, which are widely used in variety industries like food, cosmetic, medicine and glue as an ingredient.

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Nuts and dried fruits

Persian nuts and Fruits, especially pistachio of Iran is well-known because of its memorable taste and flavor. Sweet and delicious fruits of Iran make them a good choice for food industry and as a definitely rich source of vitamins.

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Chairman of the board

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Kian Rajabi

Business Development

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Koorosh Rajabi

Company representative-France

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