Eleman Pars Abnoos

about us

Our Country

Our country Iran, with an area of 1.64 million km2 is located in the Middle East, with 33% of land cultivable  that  includes 14 million km2 pastures, 60 million km2 steppes and 16 million km2 deserts. Iran is vast in geographical length and has 11 out of 13 existing climates of the world. Thanks to this climate variety, Iran is a proper region for medicinal plants cultivation and production with considerable amount of secondary metabolites which makes them valuable and profitable in industry.

Metabolite synthesis in plants is affected by factors such as light quality and intensity, temperature, humidity, soil fertility, soil pH, see level and environmental stresses. In terms of plant variety, especially in medicinal plants, Iran has a distinctive place between other geographical regions. According to various researches in botany and other related natural sciences, 8000 species of plants have been found in Iran. Domestic researches have shown that 2500 of these species have properties such as medicinal, health care, cosmetic, perfumery, chromatic, flavoring, food supplementary, food spices, insects and weed repeller etc. In addition, 1730 of these species are endemic plants which only grow in Iran and are restricted to particular region, topography and climate and considered as an exclusive feature of this country.

Our Company

ELEMAN PARS ABNOOS (Pvt.) as one of the professional companies in commercial trading is located in the capital of Iran and has started its special activities in export of Iran' s medicinal plants and their derivatives to all over the world. By having our commercial farmers in the mountainous areas, plains and forests in Iran, we provide a vast variety of medicinal plants for the food, health care, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and aromatic industries.

By reliance on the rich and particular germplasm of plants in Iran, beside the experience of our professional team in the field of agriculture and phytochemistry and the services of the expert laboratories and also with knowledge on the most updated commercial strategies, we have successfully accomplished the export of our products to other countries. We continuously try to provide the orders in the shortest time with the most optimum cost and quality to our customers.   In this way, our customers' satisfaction and long term relationship with them is our honor and pride.

Our Values

For us gaining the customers trust and strengthening the partnership with them are two pivotal points. Thus, our organizational culture is formed on customer satisfaction culture is formed on customer satisfaction, honesty, creativity, ambitiousness and teamwork spirit. We also seek the business expansion that is accompanied by durable development and support of small businesses and improvement of Iranian export industry.

Our Mission

With the help of the latest international marketing strategies, we are determined to provide best qualified Iranian manufacturers with the opportunity to gain a foothold in the international market by using our services. We also create the chance for all suppliers around the world to satisfy their needs by investing their trust in our honesty and knowledge.

We firmly believe that we can supply goods that are fit to the international market’s needs, in terms of quality and price.

We rely on our creative, motivated and professional workforce, and we have a strong network of Iranian and international consultants, as well as the access to the best laboratories. These items allowed us to foresee the recurring growth of our company, the acquisition of international credibility, our employee development and also the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision

Establishment of the agency in more than 20 countries.

Create an organization to coordinate between landlords, farmers and our company, to determine the product types to cultivate which is match the region and the markets need.